4337 sdk

A c c o u n tA b s t r a c t i o n
V a r i a n c e   L a b s

A step forward

migrating web3 to mobile

Open source account abstraction SDKs written in dart that empowers developers to create mobile-native Web3 applications with ease.

Enhancing the overall user experience and opening up new possibilities for the Web3 ecosystem on mobile platforms.

  • Smart Choice

    Smart Choice

    We focus on delivering a seamless mobile experience. Our project’s core value is to make Dapps accessible and user-friendly on smartphones, aligning with the increasing trend of mobile usage.

  • Simplicity


    Tools that empower developers to create mobile-native self-custodial wallets and applications with ease.

  • Security


    Enhanced security options for users, by leveraging hardware-based signatures (passkeys), secure storage (Android keystore or IOS keychain) and biometrics/face-id.

  • Safe Protocol

    safe {core} protocol, the modular account abstraction stack

    Leveraging the modular architecture of the Safe protocol with all the benefits

  • signature schemes

    Multi-signature schemes (secp256r1, secp256k1)

    Allowing the adoption of multiple signature schemes including passkeys for transactions

  • smart wallet

    EIP 4337 smart-accounts

    Unlocking limitless User Experience with smart-contract wallets for the next 1 billion.



Mobile application usage accounts for up to 88% of digital media time.

Web apps account for 29%, while Desktop apps and others, account for 4%

A big proportion of the smartphone audience goes to mobile app users


Hence, web3 and crypto can reach the next 1billion users in their comfort zone

Why section graph


  • Wallet Signers

    Wallet Signers

    • Allowing users to seamlessly switch to hardware-based signatures when needed.
    • Streamline key management for users relying on EOA (Externally Owned Account) signers.
    • Interoperate with both passkeys signers and EOA (Externally Owned Account) signers
  • 4337 Providers

    4337 Providers

    • Abstract complexities associated with bundlers, Entrypoint, and paymasters.
    • Make integration of smart accounts straightforward with just a few lines of code.
    • Empower developers to build user operations in Dart seamlessly.
  • Safe Core Utils

    Safe Core Utils

    • Safe helpers that enable developers to work with Safe modular accounts.
    • Compatibility with wallet provider.
    • Gelato as an alternative to 4337 via alt mempool.
  • Add-ons


    • Enable smart wallet developers to provide users with a streamlined means of connecting their wallets to Dapps on the web.
    • Native Cross-Chain support with CCIP interface.


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